Christian couples dating tips

Hang out with people who are good influences, who strengthen your marriage and your faith, rather than pulling both down.

Also, never take “relationship” advice, especially when it goes against the desires of your spouse, from people who have failed to keep their own marriages and relationships together.

Spend that day together as a family in bible study, in church, in reading and meditating and resting.

Don’t destroy the peace and spiritual growth that comes from a godly Sunday by “planning” all sorts of activities or going out.5) Here are a few simple rules for friendships.

Naomi is in despair and decides to go back home to Bethlehem in Judah.

In her despair, Naomi tries to push Ruth and Orpah, her daughters-in-law away. But despite Naomi’s weeping and wailing, Ruth insists on remaining with Naomi. Ruth demonstrates responsibility, courage, maturity and loyalty in her determination to remain with Naomi.

Oh, and people of the opposite sex should never be your “best friends.”6) Final surrender decisions like Divorce and Bankruptcy seldom if ever make the people who opt for them happier. They usually only lead to bitterness and more of the same problems that caused the original divorce or bankruptcy.8) Remember that the only real impediment to having a happy marriage is the condition of your heart!The poorest Christians in the worst of worldly circumstances can have a happy marriage if their hearts are fixed on Christ and they are both living for and serving one another as an act of devotion to their Savior.Speaking of budgets, work out a budget and stick to it, doing so will help you to avoid a lifetime of arguments.Simply spending till you don’t have any more money or credit to spend will inevitably make your life and your marriage a mess.2) Eat your meals together as a family at a table and not in front of the television.

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After all, Bethlehem was not her home town, the Jews were not her people… Listen to what Boaz’s foreman had to say about Ruth’s character: “She said, Please let me glean and gather among the sheaves behind the harvesters. Now let’s take a look at the character traits of Boaz…verses 8-12 in chapter 2 speak volumes about Boaz.

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